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The Astana marathon is an annual sporting event in the heart of Eurasia.


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Why we need you:

We rely on volunteers who contribute to the Astana Marathon history and are an integral part thereof. Each of you - an indispensable element of the annual festival in the capital of Kazakhstan, where participants from different countries, the residents of Astana and Kazakhstan will run through the streets of the city, putting aside their differences and problems for one day, challenging themselves, achieving the impossible and rejoicing together as one big family. If you want to be involved, we have prepared a few questions for you:

What skills and attributes do I need?

Lots of enthusiasm.

Good interpersonal skills.

What will i do?

Each volunteer will be responsible for a certain aspect of the Astana Marathon.

What support will be provided to me?

All volunteers will be given special training and letters of recommendation, confirming their participation as a volunteer. The Astana Marathon volunteer T-shirt will be provided; also breakfast on the day of the race through the head of the group for the volunteers involved in the Start / Finish Group, the Group of the Start / Finish Village and the Race Course Group.

What opportunities are open to me?

Participation in a unique event and the opportunity to contribute to Astana Marathon history. For anyone who wants to gain experience in event management or in the charitable sector, participation in the preparation of the Astana Marathon gives you the opportunity to learn how to organise a large-scale sporting event, as well as develop your own expertise. Through our volunteering you get to meet new people and help us in providing our runners with flawless organisation and making the event memorable.

If you decide you want to become a volunteer of the Astana Marathon and if you are 18-65 years old, then fill in and submit the form below no later than 25 July.

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