Astana 42k

One Steppe Beyond

The Astana marathon is an annual sporting event in the heart of Eurasia.




AYALA charity foundation foundation was founded in March, 2007. For 9 years of work the help was provided to 170 institutions – maternity hospitals, perinatal centers, children hospitals, polyclinics and sanatoriums, and also children’s homes, orphanages, correctional boarding schools and kindergartens in 30 cities of Kazakhstan.

We support various charities in Kazakhstan. If you wish to raise finds for your favourite charity listed on this page please contact them directly in order to secure the race entry. If your favourite charity is not on our list please put them in touch with us.

We are also determined to spread the love for running among Kazakhstanis, particularly in rural areas. We are raising funds for our One Steppe Beyond Project, which will enable us to organise short distance races across Kazakhstan. Please support the project and make your donation.


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